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Any one of these services/durations can be purchased as a Series at 10% off. If you don't see what you're looking for upon booking, just let us know when you arrive for your appointment and well take care of the rest!

Clinical Massage

Clinical or Neuromuscular massage is medical in nature. The techniques are highly-specialized and are designed to correct pain and movement dysfunction by treating trigger points, muscle adhesions, and connective tissue patterns. This is a good fit for those who are recovering from surgery or injury or are experiencing chronic pain. Also good for TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, shin splints, chronic headaches, and more. This may be an ongoing treatment depending on the individual.


30min $94 | 45min $121


60min $149 | 75min $176 | 90min $204


105min $232 | 120min $260 


Myofascial Massage

Myofascial Massage is medical in nature and uses specific techniques meant to specifically stretch and repair the connective issue between your muscles (fascia). It may be combined with Deep Tissue therapy depending on the individual. Myofascial supports injury recovery, can restore range of motion and relieve pain.

30min $94 | 45min $121


60min $149 | 75min $176 | 90min $204


105min $232 | 120min $260 


Hot Stone Massage

Smooth stones are heated and used as an extension of the therapist’s hands. The use of massage stones induces deep relaxation and helps to warm the tissues to receive deeper work. It also provides a unique experience that is tremendously calming and centering.

60min $143 | 75min $160 | 90min $176


Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish focuses on lengthening muscles and enhancing circulation resulting in deep relaxation. Deep Tissue involves finding those sore, problem areas and activating the healing response in your brain. This is generally a full-body massage but can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you'd like Swedish only, Deep Tissue only, or a blend of both, this option has you covered. Let your therapist know your pressure preferences. 

30min $66 | 45min $88 


60min $105 | 75min $127 90min $149


105min $171 | 120min $187


Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that uses light to deep pressure and stretching to help redirect your body's Chi, or energy, relaxes muscles and supports blood circulation. This technique follows the Meridian system, similar to acupuncture. If you would like to be fully clothed, please wear comfortable/stretchable clothing for optimal comfort while stretching during your treatment. 


30min $66 | 45min $88


60min $105 | 75min $127 | 90min $149


105min $171 | 120min $187


Sports Massage

Sports Massage supports and assists your body in recovery and preparation for superior competition and increased performance. It incorporates compression, direct static pressure, muscle lengthening, and stretching, in conjunction with deep tissue therapy, as needed. This style of massage therapy is for those who engage in sports and/or maintain highly active lifestyles and would like to reduce unnecessary injuries, increase performance and mobility, relieve pain and increase recovery. 

30min $77 | 45min $99


60min $121 | 75min $143 | 90min $165  


105min $187 | 120min $209


Postnatal Massage

*Mothers who have had a c-section must wait six weeks following the birth and provide us with a signed release from their doctor. Postnatal Massage is a wonderful way to get your body back on track after giving birth. It provides emotional and physical relief from the stress of labor and caring for a newborn; increases circulation; aids the body's natural detoxification process and recovery process.

30min $66 | 45min $88


60min $105 | 75min $127 | 90min $149


105min $171 | 120min $187


Prenatal Massage

*Expectant mothers, must at least be in their second trimester to receive our Prenatal services. Prenatal Massage supports healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Sessions can also be targeted to manage joint and muscle pain, improve circulation and lymph flow, encourage timely labor. Specially-designed cushions are used to offer ultimate support and comfort. 

30min $66 | 45min $88


60min $105 | 75min $127 | 90min $149


105min $171 | 120min $187


Lymphatic Treatment

*For patients recovering from cosmetic surgery, such as BBL or other, we will not be able to provide this treatment until the surgical wound/lipo insertion points have completely closed and the stitches have been removed. This does not apply to other, non-cosmetic surgeries. We use manual techniques and a dry lymph brush to push lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes. This technique aids the body's natural detoxification processes & relieves pain and pressure.

30min $66 | 45min $88


Cupping Treatment

AVAILABLE WITH LAUREN, DAISY & JOSEPH ONLY Cupping is an effective technique to stretch fascia and muscle fibers, break up adhesions and scar tissue, break up cellulite, move lymphatic fluid, and increase circulation, among many other uses. Cupping will sometimes leave circular marks on the body but these are not bruises. This is the blood being pulled to the surface for re-circulation. Daisy offers silicone massage cupping. Lauren offers Khangzu and silicone cupping. 

30min $66 | 45min $88 | 60min $105



ENERGY HEALING TECHNIQUE Reiki (Rei=Universal Life, Ki=Energy) is a Japanese healing modality focusing on cleansing the Chakra, Auric, Circulatory and Lymphatic systems. It is based on the therapist’s ability to channel Universal Life Energy into the recipient to activate the natural healing processes, restoring the body to its ideal level of mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

30min $66 | 45min $77 | 60min $88


Full Body Salt Scrub

Salt Scrubs are a great way to exfoliate dead skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and new. They also stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, increasing blood flow and clearing out old sickness. We make our salt scrub in-house using a specially blended carrier oil of vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil, quality essential oils and Mediterranean Sea salt. The treatment starts with a dry lymph brush, followed by the salt scrub. The salt is then removed with warm, steamed towels. 

30min $99


Thai Herbal Poultice Treatment

Thai Herbal Poultice massage is a healing and relaxing technique that involves a steamed poultice made of herbs and spices. Each crucial ingredient has a purpose, and together they have been known to calm inflammation, boost the immune system, aid circulation, stimulate lymphatic detox, aid edema and fluid retention, ease spasms and offer relief from sore muscles and tired joints. 

60min $138


Abhyanga Treatment

This treatment is uniquely choreographed with traditional Ayurvedic techniques and involves copious amounts of warm oil made of herbs specific to your Dosha type. An integral 30-minute rest period directly follows for the oil to fully absorb and to enjoy the calming benefits. Excess oil is removed with warm towels. Ayurvedic hot tea specific to your Dosha type is included. *Shower facilities are not available. It is suggested that you bring a change of clothes that you do not mind getting oil on. 


90min $171


Shirodhara Treatment

Shirodhara is the Ayurvedic procedure of slowly pouring warm, herbal oil on the forehead. The gentle pressure & soothing warmth allows the nervous system to experience a deep state of rest. A scalp & neck massage and an integral 30-minute rest are included. Book alone or add to a massage. *Shower facilities are not available. Consider bringing a change of clothes you don't mind getting oil on. A comb & disposable shower cap are provided. 

60min $88


Abhyanga with Shirodhara Treatment

The Abhyanga in combination with Shirodhara offers relief from headaches, insomnia, depression, neck pain and anxiety. This treatment is perfect for a compromised nervous system. Following the rest period, excess oil is removed with warm towels. Ayurvedic hot tea specific to your Dosha type is included. **Please note: Shower facilities are not available. Consider bringing a change of clothes you do not mind getting oil on. A comb and disposable shower cap are provided. 

$120min $215

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