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Shop & Pick-up!

Join Us on the Mobile Wix App! From here you can shop.  We do not deliver at this time. There is a pick-up option only. 

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If we don't have a doTerra Product on the Wix app that you're looking for you can always purchase products directly from our doTerra online page.  These products will be shipped.

Spicy Icey Balm

A local favorite made by a local!

Created to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle strain, Spicey Icey Balm is a powerful massage balm. Made with 100% real menthol crystals, organic arnica, organic shea butter, organic olive oil, 100% pure essential oils, cayenne, and organic coconut oil. Soothe the pain with Spicey Icey.

Spicey Icey Jar  |  $13

Spicey Icey can be purchased using the Wix app! We do not deliver at this time. There is a pick up option only.

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