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Happy Women's Day

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Gift Certificates!

If you'd like to include gratuity, choose a Dollar Amount Gift Certificate


Non-refundable, fully transferable and they never expire!

Looking for that perfect Gift?

Here are some of our staff recommendations:


The Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage is the most commonly booked massage. It's a great place to start and cover's all of your bases when it comes to pressure preferences. The Abhyanga with Shirodhara Treatment is perfect for celebrating renewal such as birthdays or weddings. The Thai Herbal Poultice Treatment is a warming, calming treatment perfect for those who want to boost immunity and don't enjoy strong pressure treatments. Reiki treatments are a kind offering for those dealing with grief or loss. Choose a combination of treatments such as a massage, bodyscrub and facial for a spa-day gift. A Private Yoga & Reiki session is a great way to treat your friends to a healthy outing (up to 4 people). Our private yoga options are also great for yoga lovers and prenatal or postnatal care. Choose a sports massage for your favorite athlete. To check out what else we have available click below.

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