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Support Small, Local Business

This is an economically challenging time for many small businesses.

We want to be around to help you now and in the future! Here are some ways to help us weather this COVID-19 storm. Thank you to all of our loyal clients who have been with us from the beginning. We couldn't have made it this far without you and a huge thanks to all of our new clients who continue to help us to grow!

Current Clients

  • Refer 5 people to purchase an eGift Card. When your referrals let us know who sent them, you receive a 60 min Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage. This is our thank you for spreading the word!


Purchasing Options


  • Buy an eGift Card online for yourself or a loved one 

  • Use your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) Card with us.

  • If your HSA or FSA card is about to expire and you don’t need the funds for anything else, consider using the balance with us to purchase a package / Frequent User Series. Call us at (707) 562-5630 or Click here to learn more.

Free Options that can be used to support any of your small, favorite, local spots

  • If you received 5-star service from us, please leave us a review in any (or all) of the SM Platforms: Yelp, Google, Massagebook, Facebook.

  • Follow us and react to our posts on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Algorithms give priority to posts that are loved/reacted to or commented on OVER just hitting a “like” button. This will help us to get out important information during these rapidly changing times.

  • Consider checking in with your favorite spots and ask you might be able to support them!

Thank you for considering ways to support! On behalf of the Tune Up Holistic Care Team, we wish you and yours good health now and always.

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