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Online one-on-one sessions offer flexibility and convenience. They're perfect for those who enjoy or require remote services and for those who have been exercising more caution due to the Pandemic. 


Call today for a free consultation! I'll listen and together we can determine if this is a good fit. If I can't help, I'm happy to point you in the direction of someone who can, or to helpful resources.

If any of the following sounds familiar, you're in the right place:

  • Feeling tired or foggy?

  • Looking for ways to manage stress?

  • Red flag signals regarding your health popping up?

  • Finding it hard to sort through all of the misinformation about food?

  • Confused about why you're so confused on a topic that should be simple?

  • Unhappy with your weight?

  • Unsuccessful with previous weight loss attempts?

  • Want to find movement that you enjoy?

  • Looking for one-on-one support and accountability?

  • Want to get fit and strong for yourself and your loved ones?

  • Need flexibility and practical ways to incorporate more movement in your life?


You're not alone! Let's work together to unpack all of this so that you can feel confident in our modern-day environment when making choices about optimally fueling your body. You can prevent disease, feel full & satisfied and enjoy living in a healthier body. 


To get started, check out our Nutrition playlists on Youtube for videos, lectures and more by a variety of Health Professionals. Click the Youtube Icon below to view or listen. Grab your headphones and listen while you're cooking!


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About Patricia Cazares

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Approach: Practical | Hands-on Learning | Relative | Supportive | Holistic

Have you ever attempted to put a shelf together and did not have the right tools for the job? You either postpone putting it together until you find or buy what you need or you try to do it anyway. If you decide to do it anyway you risk damaging the shelf; chances are you aren't able to finish the job; and it's extremely frustrating and maddening along the way. Don't postpone or do it anyway, rather build the healthiest you now, successfully and enjoyably. The right tools make all the difference.


Perfectionism, food-policing, judgment, and an all-or-nothing way of thinking can make goals feel unattainable and make the process feel like a drag. Instead, let’s approach change with a growth mindset. By putting in the time and effort we can make positive changes that will impact our lives and the ones we love for the better. We must accept that there will be a learning curve and challenges along the way. We can’t make changes without such challenges and, in fact, they are the keys to our success. However, like anything else, we learn and adapt, and in this case, the benefits will completely outweigh any potential discomfort.  We can improve our health at any stage of life and it can be fun and rewarding along the way!


My role is to facilitate healthy behavioral changes and to be a bridge to practical information that’s relative to your specific health challenges and concerns. The natural by- products of moving more, building muscle and eating foods that love you back are physical and mental health improvements, pain relief, optimal weight maintenance, and stress management. I do not offer quick fixes. I offer support for increasing optimal mental and physical health and long-term, sustainable, healthy weight loss (if this is part of your goal). Health is a spectrum. We’ll look at where you’re at and how far you want to go and that’s going to be different for everyone.  You can expect customized workout plans and nutrition guidance during personal training sessions and in Nutrition Coaching sessions we are going to make changes on your terms. There is no food-policing in any of my programs. I’m simply here to give you the right tools for the job and support your health goals. When you're ready, I’m ready!

"Let us enjoy what we’re adding to our plate!” -Tricia C.

ONLINE Personal Training

Online one-on-one sessions offer flexibility and convenience

Get one-on-one support and accountability with online personal training. We'll establish a baseline and determine how to get from where you are to where you want to go. This option includes nutrition guidance. The pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. If it's caused you to be sedentary or less active, let's get you moving again! Little to no equipment is needed. We'll use what you have.


60min   $85


5 Online Personal Training Sessions (60 min)   |   $383


10 Online Personal Training Sessions (60 min)   |   $723       


ONLINE Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching: Sustainable Health & Weight Management

Online one-on-one sessions offer flexibility and convenience

Let's get to the heart of your nutrition challenges in order to find tools and strategies that you can start using today. Life is short and enjoying the present in a healthy body and mind is our goal. Use this time as a bridge to practical information that's relative to your specific health concerns as well as tools, accountability & support. At this time, in-office visits and online (via zoom) appointments are available. Every session is customized to fit your needs.


The 30 minute option is for returning clients who are looking for follow-ups, accountability, and support in achieving their nutrition goals.

30min  $45   |  60min   $85  


New Year Count Down!

Limited Openings!

Online Nutrition Coaching: Sustainable Health & Weight Management

Online one-on-one sessions offer flexibility and convenience

Instead of putting on a few pounds this holiday season, get ready to lose some! This one-on-one coaching program is all about preparing and planning. Get ahead of the curve and incorporate simple adjustments over the holidays that will support your health and healthy weight management. Forget about the old paradigm of calorie counting. Instead, we're going to get to the heart of the situation and make healthier eating more convenient and enjoyable. You will have everything you need to begin the New Year with a fresh start! Each session is completely customized to meet your specific goals. 


5 ONLINE Nutrition Coaching Sessions (60min) $383

10 ONLINE Nutrition Coaching Sessions (60 min)   $723


New Year New Me!

Limited Openings!

Nutrition Coaching: Sustainable Health & Weight Management

Online one-on-one sessions offer flexibility and convenience 

Nutrition Coaching Via Zoom: We know that we should eat more fruit and veggies, get a good night of rest and find ways to manage our stress, so then why don't we? Why are so many getting chronic diseases due to lifestyle? This Series is a bridge to healthful behavioral changes, weight loss, and improved health. Limited openings are available. This Series begins Saturday, January 1st; is one on one; is comprised of eight 60min sessions scheduled over the course of two months. 


8 ONLINE Nutrition Coaching Sessions (60min) $510


Whole Food Plant Based Ready 

Transitioning to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet 

Online one-on-one sessions offer flexibility and convenience

“I know my “why” & I’ve made up my mind. I’m ready to transition to a whole-food, plant-based diet. I’m committed to my health goals. Now all I need is some support, tools & accountability. I also want to know that I'm meeting my nutrition needs.” If this is where you're at, this 12-week program is be for you. It includes three 60-minute check-in sessions after the initial 12 weeks & is designed for optimal habituation, allowing for a sustainable transition.


Before your program start date we'll establish a baseline using intakes and food documentation. This information will help us to map our course and customize programming. 

Each week’s session will begin with food journaling check-ins and will end with time for questions. Once nutrition fundamentals are covered, we will be observing, modifying and adjusting; we'll be looking closely at the topics of calorie density, behavioral motivation, environment, and more.


Program Objectives 

  • Understand the basic principles & major health benefits of a WFPB diet.

  • Learn tools & strategies to incorporate into your daily life.

  • Transition to a WFPB diet


Program Schedule: 

Weeks 1-12  |  one  60min session each week  

We celebrate completing this 12-week WFPB Ready Program!

After week 12   |  three 60 min quarterly follow-ups: Practice & Troubleshooting

A total of fifteen 60 minute sessions scheduled over a year for ultimate support and accountability. With the flexibility of remote sessions, you'll never miss out. 


Program Rate:$ 790


Whole Food Plant Based Fundamentals 

Online one-on-one sessions offer flexibility and convenience

This quick start program is designed to help you lay a solid foundation and learn healthful strategies. Before your program start date, we'll establish a baseline using intakes and food documentation. Then each week we’ll add a whole new set of tools in your toolbox to set you up for success. Each session is customized to fit your needs and builds upon the previous. Focus points may include: calorie density & satiety, practical nutrition 101, navigating our modern-day food environment, emotional eating, or making our home environment work for us.  We may spend more time on one particular subject area than another, depending on your specific needs.


Three 60 minute sessions will be scheduled consecutively over three weeks. Each session is scheduled upon booking. 


Program Objectives 

  • Understand the nutrition fundamentals of a whole-food, plant-based diet.

  • Learn strategies to incorporate into your daily life.

  • Get the support and accountability that you need to start your WFPB journey


Program Rate: $179


Let's Work Together

Email or call if you have any questions. Any one of these Nutrition Coaching Services can be booked online.

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